Ladder 1 & Tanker 1 Catch Working Fire

Just a little before 5pm on December 4th Ladder 1 as RIT and Tanker 1 for water supply responded into Company 8’s first due for a working structure fire. Wagon 8-2 was the first to arrive to find heavy fire showing from side Alpha. Ladder 1 (w/six) arrived, established RIT on Side A, began throwing ladders, and established ventilation. Approximately ten minutes into the incident a firefighter from Company 8 suffered a medical emergency which resulted in a “firefighter down” transmission. The firefighter was quickly removed from the house, stabilized, and transported to Roanoke Memorial Hospital. The fire is being investigated by the Bedford County Fire Marshal’s Office. Units operating: W82, E8, T8, U8, E131, T13, L1, T1, Medic 14-1, Medic 14-13, Ambulance 14, and County 16.